A boda boda operator was shot dead his motorcycle stolen in Kutus town, Kirinyaga County, by a lone attacker who had pretended to be in need of a ride.

Evans Chomba, 28, died at the scene of the Monday night attack.


Mr Chomba had been with his colleagues when the man approached him saying he wanted to be ferried to Kianjiru market.

A few minutes into the ride, the passenger asked him to stop and he obeyed.

The passenger then took a gun out of a gunny bag and sprayed Mr Chomba with bullets , and then searched his body for valuables. He took his identity card and the motorcycle.

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Residents who responded to the sounds of gunshots found Mr Chomba lying in a pool of blood so they alerted police, who took the body to a mortuary.

The victim’s brother, Ms Margaret Wambura, said the killing was premeditated.

“I almost collapsed when I heard what had happened to my brother,” she said at Rukenya village and asked police to find the criminal.


Residents complained of attacks that they claimed that particular person had carried out for long.

They said the attacker had killed several people and stolen property.

“He has been terrorising our people for the past three years but police have failed to tame him,” said Mr Stephen Mwangi.

A police officer who sought anonymity said an investigation was launched.

“We are appealing to the family members and residents to be patient,” said the officer.


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