Starehe politician Steve Mbogo may not be given back his firearm by the Firearms and Licensing Board any soon.

The Board has decided to detain his firearms certificate and ammunition in the ongoing vetting of civilian firearms holders which is a major setback to the vibrant young politician

According to his Lawyer Willis Evans, Mbogo received oral communication from the Board on February 5, 2019 informing him of a decision to detain his firearms.

“The act of firearms and licensing board is an injury to the principles of fairness, transparency and accountability as enshrined in Article 10 of the constitution,” said Evans.

Firearms belonging to Mbogo that have already been detained includes,Smith and Wesson, Auto Pistol, Taurus shot gun, Anakon Shot gun,22 rounds of 9mm and 16 rounds of 2.0 mm guns.

According to the lawyer,the acts of the board are prejudicial and poses a threat to his security, freedom from equality and discrimination and right to own property of any description within Kenya.

He further termed the act as a violation of fundamental rights and freedoms of his clients rights guaranteed to him by the constitution of Kenya.

Mbogo legal team now wants the court to quash a decision of the firearms Licensing Board to detain his firearms certificate,terming the application before court as urgent

He wants the court to compel the board to return and hand over his firearms certificates.

“The grant leave should operate as stay to stop the implementation of the impugned decision,” he said in court documents.

According to documents filed in court,Mbogo says that he is a law abiding citizen who rightfully exercise his rights as a member of the democratic society governed by the constitution to legally acquire firearms.

“My client applied for the license of the firearms and was issued with the certificate which has been lawfully renewed since acquisition,” said Evans.

Evans says that the board failed to adhere to the principles of good governance set out in Article 10 of the constitution in arriving at that decision.


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