Boniface Akuku a data expert at Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KARLO)

Four international organizations have joined hands in a move aimed at coming up with datas that will address the country and regional food security.

Africa Center for Advanced Technology (ACTS), Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN), Action AID international and UK aid have come together in Nairobi to explore global nutrition report profiles for Kenya and the world as whole.

Their main aim is to provide data in relation to food security and nutrition to enable people receive clear and correct information on nutrition and malnutrition.

The four will mainly focus on the policy, legislative,data management and usage on nutrition during a two day forum.

Boniface Akuku a data expert at Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KARLO) said there was a great need for open data on nutrition within and outside the country.

He said they will be focusing on technology to bridge the existing gaps and train people on how to digitize and make use of data.

Akuku said technological tools are very essential in conducting data analysis and getting insights on how to increase productivity.

He further said that they are creating innovations and new ways of relaying easy to understand messages to the public.

Esther Omosa a senior nutritional specialist at International Livestock Research Institute (IlRI) said they are involving Information and Communications Technology (ICT) officials in relaying information to farmers.

“We are using different applications so that we can go down to farmers to produce diverse and accurate data,” said Omosa.

She observed that data is very important to farmers to enable an increase in productivity.

Omosa said datas are very important in determining what kind of malnutrition is facing different people in different parts of the country.

She added that they are moving all the way to community levels to ensure food security.

Different stakeholders highlighted the need to ensure permanent food security in Kenya inorder to avert deaths occasioned by hunger

Stakeholders are expected to explore more on Global nutrition report profiles at the country, regional and global levels, they will also focus on the best practices for open data.

The forum is being held at KALRO headquarters Nairobi.

Their challenges according to Omosa are limited prioritization of nutrition in political and economic agendas.

Lack of Implementation of relevant nutrition policies, strategies and financing.


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