Jomvu Member of National Assembly Badi Twalib

Education Cabinet Secretary (CS),George Magoha has been urged to use consultative approach to education matters as opposed to confrontational approach.

Jomvu  Member of National Assembly, Badi Twalib said the bully style Magoha is using in the implementation of competence based curriculum in the country will fire back on him.

The MP noted that the CS took over office with arrogance right from the day he appeared before the members of parliament for vetting process

Twalib said education matters should constructively involve all stakeholders in education namely parents, pupils, teachers and the relevant stakeholders.

Speaking in Jomvu during issuance of school bursary cheques to students,the MP said all stakeholders should be involved in decision making affecting education.

“Sit down and engage teachers unions like KNUT under Wilson Sossion since these are the leaders representing teachers rights on issues affecting them,” said Twalib

He added that when the CS chest thumps and says he has no reverse gear in his decisions, it is inappropriate and called on him to cooperate with others in the education sector and its diversity.

The MP said that was the only way to uplift education standards of students in the country.

“Teachers have no peace of mind to educate children if their grievances are not addressed appropriately leading to poor performance among the students despite their parents paying huge chunks of money for their children to have an education.

He advised the CS to sit and work with stakeholders if the country’s education status is to move forward and attain the internationally set standards it deserved.

Over  Sh.36 million was disbursed to secondary schools, colleges and university students who had applied with each secondary student getting Sh.10, 000 and those of college and university getting Sh.20, 000.

The  legislator commissioned re-roofing of three classrooms from the cancer causing asbestos roofing to modern roofing at  Amani primary school where he was issuing the National Government Development Fund (NG-CDF) bursaries.

He called on parents to encourage their children to take education seriously since it was the only worthy inheritance in this competitive era.


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