Dilapilated road hampering transportation of industrial goods

East gate community urged Governor Mike Sonkoto urgently intervene and repair a major road in the area that has hampered transportation of industrial products from the area

The major road in the heart of Nairobi industrial area is so dilapidated that customers and tourists heading to Game Park are also unable to use.

The community now wants the County Government to intervene as they are incurring huge losses since customers are no longer frequenting the area .

They are currently forced to deliver the manufactured good to the customer’s at an extra cost which is not good for business.

 “When it rains the road become so bad because all the malam has been washed away,” said Kilan Patel a director of Swami Container Deport.

He added that nothing has been done since January last year when they first raised the concern and the Government promised to act.

Patel said that the Eastgate community was left with no choice but to contribute Sh 1.4 to buy materials to at least repair it but they cannot manage on their own,

“We were forced as Kenyan tax payers to dig our pockets trying to make this road because we have been suffering for a long time,” added Kishor Ragwan.

John Milimu from Caplica Polisac A.P.L  company said that the situation of the road is pathetic and they have made several attempts to persuade relevant authorities that the road need to be made but they have not seen any help from the Government.

He added that East gate Community is appealing to relevant arms which are Kenya Rural Roads Authority, City Council of Nairobi and relevant authorities to look at this issue.

While trying to repair the roads by they are being frustrated by the City council who need to repair the road.

“The relevant arms should intervene and repair the road because as business community we are suffering and incurring many losses,” said Milimu.

He added that the road is heading towards East gate Game Park and it is embarrassing for tourists to undergo through all this challenges.

Milimu said that the community members do not know even where to turn to because they are being told that they are under Imara Daima Constituency at the same time Lang’ata or Embakasi South Constituencies.

On May 26, 2018 the Ministry of Transport announced the repair of two dilapidated roads at Industrial Area Road and East Gate Road – which are in a derelict state.


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