Muchemi volunteered to build the road to save villagers from long walk

The ABC African Banking Corporation Limited (ABC Kenya) has joined a list of well-wishers who have offered to assist Mzee Nicholas Muchemi who single handedly dug out a road at his Kaganda village Murang’a County.

The bank has offered to buy a high breed daily cow besides supplying him with animal feeds for the next six months.

ABC Bank General Manager Philip Wambua said the banks appreciates his efforts in making a difference in his community

“They say when you face a mountain, don’t go around it, and go through it, Nicholas Muchemi did that by carving a road on a hill,”noted Wambua.

The bank will also partner with a Local Sacco to enlist him so that he can save his milk earnings and therefore create a sustainable income path.

Muchemi also received household donations from the bank staffs to appreciate his efforts to empower the community

Others who have come in hand includes Top mark Feeds who last week delivered several bags of feed for free and Rhino Mabati Company who supplied iron sheets.

Muchemi’s home was last week connected to a water supply courtesy of former Transport and Infrastructure PS Nyakera Irungu.

A quotation for electricity has been done and Muchemi’s home will soon light up.

A date to visit and have a meal with Muchemi at his home will soon be communicated to all well-wishers.

The 45-year-old man from Kiharu Constituency, Murang’a County has earned himself the title of “village hero” after he volunteered to singlehandedly turn a bushy, hilly area into a road.

He decided to build the one-kilometer road connecting the locals to Kaganda shopping Centre after the one they were using was blocked by the land owner who said they were trespassing on his farm and threatened to take an unspecified action if the locals continued passing through his property.

It was then that the villagers started using the long circuitous route, about four kilometres, to the shopping centre since the two-kilometer official road was not passable as it was on a hilly, bush area.

Muchemi, a casual laborer, said he sacrificed his time and used his wages sparingly for the six days he spent making the deserted road passable.

Armed with a fork jembe, a spade, an axe and a jerrican of water to quench his thirst, Muchemi endured the scorching sun and would wake up as early as 6am and work until 6pm, all in a bid to save the locals from trekking for four kilometres to buy their commodities at Kaganda shopping centre.


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