A chicken thief has been stoned to death by an irate mob at Kopudo village in West Kochia location Rangwe constituency

A 32-year-old Edward Okoth alias Nyangidi met his death after escaping from Ngegu police post cell where he had been held following accusations that he had been colluding with other suspects to perpetrate chicken theft in the region

Confirming the incident Kaura Sub-Location senior assistant chief John Owino said that the suspect was confronted yesterday at around 3am by some villagers while carrying 14 hens

He had allegedly stolen them from different homesteads in the area before he abandoned them and went into hiding.

Owino further said that the villagers had recorded a statement at Ngegu police post concerning the disappearance of their chicken and the officers immediately launched a manhunt for the suspect.

The administrator said that the suspect had been hiding in Sindo, Suba South constituency adding that, security officers from Ngegu police post liaised with their colleagues in Homa -Bay and traced him to his hideout  where he was nabbed last evening and taken to Ngegu police post and booked in the cell.

At the same time Owino revealed that the suspect tried to escape after asking to be allowed to go for a short call.

His futile attempt to escape was however cut short after he was cornered by the members of the public who stoned him to death.

The chief appealed to members of the public to desist from taking the law into their hands whenever they came across any suspect.

The body was moved to Homa- Bay County teaching and referral hospital mortuary.


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