MP David Gikaria was arrested at Pipeline in Nakuru town on Saturday afternoon following a land grabbing fracas.

The National Intelligence Service has been asked to hire mad people within its ranks to ensure successful investigations.

During the Senate proceedings,the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and the National Police Services (NPS) were accused of incompetence and lacking manpower dedicated to serving Kenyans.

Kakamega Senator Malala said had been arrested on ground of poor investigations by the intelligence wing after his name was unfairly dragged into its report

He observed that a NIS officer confided to him that his name was inserted on the list of Matungulu killers suspects to make it look more political and balanced.

Malala said the current intelligence service was made up of well to do personalities who cannot conduct proper investigations,unlike when it composed of down to earth individuals.

“Children employed by NIS cannot speak vernacular languages, they cannot even investigate in the village, we should go back to time when mad people were employed by NIS,” said Malala

The senator said he was unfairly held at Kisumu police for two days only to be told that no charges will be preferred against him.

Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika decried the way Nakuru Town East Mp David Gikaria was treated after being arrested last weekend by Nakuru police over land dispute.

Kihika said Gikaria was badly tortured and questioned whether police were above the law.

“We must have Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) tell us what they do as far it concerns police brutality in this country, the police are acting as if they are the jury and the judge, are they above the law,” asked Kihika

Kihika said what had happened to the legislators under the hands of the police was a clear indication that ordinary Kenyans were going through hell from the law enforcers.

Nyamira Senator Okong’o Omogeni questioned whether the police were above law and the constitution of Kenya.

“Why are people detained in police cells and under what condition, it therefore means we are not living in independent state,” he said

“It took protest from people of Kakamega for Malala to be released from Kisumu police, what a shame,” posed Omogeni.


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