A sheep receives a vaccination jab

The ongoing vaccination of livestock in Kajiado County has reached the remote ward of Mosiro, Kajiado West Sub County.

More than 10, 500 heads of cattle and 14,000 sheep and goats were vaccinated against diseases such as Foot and Mouth and PPR.

Agriculture and Livestock Development CEC Member Jackline Koin and her Chief Officer Moses Murrunya led a high powered team of veterinary officers to comb every village for.the all important vaccination drive.

The vaccination drive was launched at Maili 46 in April by Governor Joseph Ole Lenku to vaccinate 800,000 livestock, among them approximately 400,000 heads of cattle and 400,000 goats and sheep.

Representing Governor Lenku, Ms Koin said the drive had gone on well in all the Sub Counties including Kajiado North where veterinary officers moved from one homestead to another vaccinating livestock at the household level.

“We are almost done with the entire vaccination drive.The response has been overwhelming.I encourage our herders to ensure all their live stock do not miss the vaccination,” said Koin.

Mosiro Ward is classified as one of the border wards that are prone to trans-boundary diseases due to its proximity to Narok County.

The ongoing vaccination targetted Foot and Mouth Disease, PPR and Rift Valley Fever for cattle and Blue Tongue for goats and sheep.

The risk of the diseases has been heightened by increased movement of livestock between Kajiado and Narok Counties as well as across the Sub Counties.


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