Over 840,000 new jobs have been created for youths since the last general election, State house has announced.

Speaking to the media during a press briefing at Statehouse Nairobi, spokesperson, Kanze Dena said the Government has created an enabling environment for youth employment

Dena who addressed on behalf of the President urged the youth not despair because the Government is committed to creating more jobs and opportunities. 

“We have every reason to believe more youths have accessed means of earning income when we review the full numbers for the year 2019,” said Dena.

The Government has also come up with a new scheme called Stawi which is a Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) endorsed mobile loan product targeting micro, small and medium scale enterprises.

The mobile-based credit scheme is set to improve access to credit for small-to-midsize enterprises, which have been locked out of the formal credit market because of the informal nature of their records and lack of collateral for secured loans.

” What we have done to open up access to young people, and to small businesses more generally, is to encourage the banks to lend. That’s why we’re pleased to see the new scheme-Stawi,” added Dena

Through this scheme, our young people and small-business owners are supported for their hard work and innovation.

Dena also said that the president has been in regular contact with mastercard- the leading global payments & technology company that connects consumers, businesses, merchants, issuers & governments around the world.

She said that he is looking forward to it and although she couldn’t expound on the issue much, she did say that we should expect a striking new programme for jobs.

Dena also noted that the President signed three major bills that will improve service delivery.

 The National Cohesion and Integration Amendment Bill which now becomes law will seeks to align the Act with the Constitution by providing procedure for appointing Commissioners

The Sports (Amendment) Bill which provides for the establishment of Sports, Arts and Social Development Fund which will be managed in accordance with the Public Finance Management Act, will see the abolition of the National Sports Fund and the National Sports Fund Board of Trustees.

The Amended Act also contains provisions on transfer of assets and liabilities and transition of staff serving in the National Sports Fund Board of Trustees to be staff of the new entity.

The Warehouse Receipt System Bill, 2017, which is now an Act of law will provide a legal framework for the development and regulation of a warehouse receipt system for agricultural commodities to address marketing challenges associated with various agricultural sub-sectors in Kenya


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