Paul Kobia showing some of the wardrobes destroyed during the operation.

Flamboyant Businessman Paul Kobia has accused Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives of destroying his properties worth millions.

Kobia has threatened to sue them for damaging his valuables and occasioning him over Sh 5 million losses when they raided Presidential Secretariat Office in Kileleshwa on Wednesday.

“This is now how police are required to act, they came here without search warrants and arrested over 30 of my employees even the once who were pregnant and others with small children, “said Kobia.

Kobia who has presidential ambition said detectives acted with malice and their intentions were just to destroy his valuable without any good reason.

The aggrieved man says they even destroyed his Secretariat office and destroyed his communication gargets.

“What kind of officers would raid my house and destroy doors, windows, carpets and even eat all the food in the kitchen,” said Kobia.

Kobia who always introduce himself as the fourth in command after President Uhuru Kenyatta, DP William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga said police should act in accordance with the law and stop harassing Kenyans while destroying their properties.

Kobia said police took away seven of his cars and laptops and wants the Government to take action against those alleged unprofessional officers who acted with malice.

Through his lawyer Henry Kurauka, he intends to sue the officers who damaged his properties and arrested innocent cooks and cleaners.

He said the action of the detectives has occasioned him great loss.

“I operate this office as my Secretariat Presidential office and business meeting and the police came here and arrested over 30 of my employees even those who had young children and other were pregnant,” said Kobia.

He said the police forcefully removed receptionist and pulled al the arranged materials destroying all of them.

“All expensive suits for my security officers were torn and destroyed and the police are acting like thuggeries,” he added.

He wants action to be done so that the police should not do the same to any other Kenyan pretend to be arresting them.

He said Telephones wires were cut down and destroyed, he terms the act as malicious and thuggery.

Kobia and 13 other suspects were released by the court on Thursday after the prosecution failed to provide enough evidence why they should detain them for 14 days to complete investigations.

Magistrate Sinkiyian Tobiko ordered Kobia to deposit a Sh100, 000 cash bail.

The 13 suspects presented as co-accused persons were released on Sh100, 000 bonds each.

The court agreed with defense lawyers that that the prosecution did not demonstrate that the suspects are a flight risk.

The court was persuaded that the suspects will honor future court appearances.

The prosecution had told the court the investigations are still ongoing and warning that the suspects are likely to interfere with investigations if they were set free.

“The investigations are complex, diverse and we are looking at transnational organized crime where some Kobia’s accomplice could be in the neighboring Countries and the offence committed cut across international borders,” the prosecution stated.

The prosecution told the court that between October 7, 2018 and April 25, 2019, a foreigner by the name Italiana Antonio Cianci who traded in gold was duped into buying fake cold worth Sh119.8 million at a private residence in Nairobi’s Riverside Drive.


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