The East African Community has received a grant from the African Development Bank (AFDB) to implement the 50 Million African Women Speaking Networking Platform.

The project is aimed at contributing the economic empowerment of African women through the provision of an online and social networking platform to access information on financial and non-financial services.

“The project will create and deploy a social media based dynamic networking platform that will enable women to access business training, mentor-ship and locally relevant business information while building their own network of contacts.”

Speaking during the meeting with media houses on Tuesday the 9th,the project coordinator,  Mr  Shelba Isenge  said that the project will connect women with one another in ways that will not only foster peer to peer learning but also sharing of information and knowledge within communities, urban, rural and across borders.

He said that the project will be accessible in mobile phones hence making it easy for women to access the services and also helping them manage their social circumstances and businesses.

He said that the portal would be easy to use and interactive in that there would be a chat discussion and post creation button where women can engage with one another.

He also added that the portal required an account to gain access to and that there would be regulations to regulate men from signing in into the account.

Mr Isenge also said that for the success of the project, they need support and ownership from partner states governments.

“ For the project to be successful, there should be continuous support from the project country teams and content developers ,all partner states must play their role in contributing content for the platform and ownership of the project by partner states governments is of paramount importance. “he said.

He added that women offer a significant contribution towards the process of social-economic transformation therefore being a key factor in implementing effective programmes.

 Mr Shelba said that women should take advantage of the project so as to build themselves and help them achieve their business goals.

“The project is expected to create a dynamic and networking platform among women entrepreneurs, connecting them with one another in ways that will foster partnership and business growth,” he said.

The director of finance Mr Juvenele said that there would be 30% percentage increase of participation of women entrepreneurs platform users in business networks come 2020.

He asked the media to be at the forefront in educating the women on how non-financial inclusion is affecting live of women by interviewing experts, searching public records  and other sources for information.


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