The mall is set to create hundreds of jobs to local population

Lake Basin Development Authority Board (LBDA) have urged Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to urgently expedite investigations going on around its construction.

While speaking to press over the stalemate,board members said ongoing probe is delaying the opening of the mall which is set to spur local economy through creation of hundreds of jobs.

Led by LBDA Chairman Cavince Odoyo Owidi, the members said the handing over should be done as soon as possible to protect taxpayers from paying accrued interests.

“The mall was built at a cost of Sh 4.2 billion where LBDA had paid the developer Erdemann Property Limited Ksh 3.6b,the balance is attracting interests very fast,” said Odoyo.

He added that when the mall will be opened, it shall see hundreds of youths get employment not forgetting the economy boost.

“Parliament had already allocated money to LBDA but the probe that has dragged on might hinder the process,” he said.

LBDA members said that the investigations have taken so long and need to be concluded so that the people of Kisumu, the Government of Kenya and LBDAB can begin to enjoy the fruits of this great project.

“Constant negative publicity is the single greatest reason why the occupation of the mall is slow thus the need to speed up the investigations,” said Odoyo.

They said that the continuous summoning and statements writing since 2013 by those involved in the construction of the mall has made it difficult for the staff of LBDAB and the Government officials to take decisive action on the issues of the mall.

“It is worth noting that the mall was constructed, completed and is yet to be handled over to LBDA,” said Odoyo.

The people of Kisumu were assured that the mall is ready and open for business and many have already shown interest to move in as investors.

On July 9, 2019 the people of Kisumu held demonstrations in various streets contesting the delayed opening of the mall.

The mall owned by LBDA is yet to be opened a year after the Auditor General Edward Ouko gave it a clean bill of health.

Ouko however recommended the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority be probed in since procurement laws peg variation at a maximum of 15 percent of the contract sum.

The residents want local leaders to take up the matter to speed up launch of the mall


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