Kwale County Woman Representative Zulekha Hassan walked into the debating chamber with a baby.

Drama occured in Parliament when Kwale County Mp Zulekha Hassan was kicked out of Parliament after walking into the chambers with a baby.

According to the Standing Orders of the National Assembly,  strangers are not allowed into the House, children included.

Even the Head of State accesses the chamber on special occasions provided for in the Constitution, whereas members of the public can only access the Speaker’s gallery, but with permission.

Business was temporarily disrupted as House Majority Leader Aden Duale was forced to pause a motion he was moving on the Kenya-Somalia maritime dispute.

Zulekha was carrying the baby, which appeared to be less than 5-months old.

Temporary House Deputy Speaker Christopher Omulele had rough time controlling MPs as some engaging in shouting marches while others could be seen shoving each other.

Zulekha was later ordered out, with Deputy Speaker advising MPs to use facilities the Parliamentary Service Commission had provided for lactating mothers.

Kitui South MP Rachael Nyamai demanded that a nursery be set up in Parliament Buildings and threatened that women Mps will start coming with their children if that is not implemented.

Zuleka had tried to explain she had an emergency and there was no where she would have left the baby

“This is my third baby in Parliament,I’ve never done this. I’ve tried really hard not to come with a baby but today I had an emergency so what was I supposed to do miss parliament and my duties just because I have a baby? That’s why I came with her,” explained Zuleikha.

Alego-Usonga MP Samuel Atandi who tried to block her from leaving by also blocking Parliament orderlies from removing her was also ordered out of the chambers following the drama.


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