Water catchment depletion is directly linked to the decrease in the waters of the Great Rift Valley lakes in Kenya,Kenyans have been urged to plant trees

Environment and Forest Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko; has said forest conservation is a critical sector towards achieving President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big 4 Agenda, “it’s through environmental protection that we shall ensure sustainable development” said Tobiko.

The CS said Kenya is the Environment capital of the world, and It must demonstrate global leadership in environmental conservation.

“Environmental issues have no territorial boundaries, effects of destruction of our forests extends to the neighboring countries, Kenya belongs to a family of nations and it must meet its environmental protection obligations”, said Tobiko.

The CS said the government has an obligation to conserve the environment to ensure present and future generations enjoy a clean ,safe and healthy environment.

He said every Kenyan , every corporate, civil society and religious organizations have a shared responsibility with the government in achieving the 10% tree cover.

The CS was speaking during an interview on the Greening Kenya Initiative , the CS said that the initiative has seen more than 50 million tree seedlings produced annually.

He said that the initiative will require over Kshs 48 billion to achieve 10% tree cover , and the strategy seeks to have each ministry departments and agencies contribute 10% of their CSR budget for tree growing.


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