CS Henry Rotich,PS Thuge and 26 others were arraigned in court over the two dams scandals

President Uhuru Kenyatta has received a Report on Kimwarer and Arror Dam Projects from the Technical Committee he shaped after the revelation of inconsistencies and mistakes encompassing the two foundation ventures.

At its arrangement, the President entrusted the Technical Committee led by Principal Secretary for Infrastructure Prof Paul Maringa and involving Quantity Surveyor Julius Matu, Eng Benjamin Mwangi and Eng John Muiruri to evaluate the practicality of the two dam tasks and report to the Head of State inside 30 days.

Throughout their task, the Technical Committee assessed the structures, specialized supportability and money related recommendations of the two dams and set up as pursues:

(a) Kimwarer Dam

The KShs 22.2 billion Kimwarer Dam was found to have been overrated and that the venture is neither in fact nor monetarily feasible.

The board of trustees built up that no present solid plausibility study had been directed on the dam venture.

The main possibility study completed on a comparative undertaking twenty eight (28) years prior had uncovered a geographical deficiency over the 800 section of land venture territory, which would have negative auxiliary consequences for the proposed dam.

The Technical Committee likewise settled that the undertaking territory is settled and would require remuneration of dislodged occupants.

As indicated by the specialized structure of the Kimwarer Dam, the water supply component would include siphoning, an angle the Technical Committee observed to be unsustainable as far as activities and upkeep costs.

Further, the Technical Committee set up that the siphoning would make the undertaking monetarily unsustainable over the long haul.

Subsequently, the Technical Committee prescribed to the President that the Kimwarer Dam venture be ended

(b) Arror Multipurpose Dam

After a point by point specialized survey, the Technical Committee was fulfilled that the Arror Multipurpose Dam Project is financially suitable yet noticed that it was overrated.

All things considered, the board of trustees prescribed to the President a cost legitimization plan that will guarantee the undertaking is actualized cost adequately without influencing its exhibition and out put.

As a component of the cost justification plan, the Technical Committee has arranged another Bills of Quantities (BQ) for an altered dam with its tallness downsized to 60 meters from the first structure stature of 96 meters which was observed to be unviable.

The advanced dam will be in fact feasible since it will just require around 250 sections of land of land and cost KShs 15.4 billion with power and Shs 13.1 billion without power. The dam was recently evaluated to cost KShs 28.3 billion.


His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta has acknowledged the report on the two dam extends as readied and displayed by the Technical Committee and coordinated as pursues:

(a) The quick cancelation of the Kimwarer Dam venture which was observed to be actually and monetarily not doable by the Technical Committee;

(b) The prompt beginning of the execution of the Arror Multipurpose Dam venture with the new structure segments and cost legitimization plan as created by the Technical Committee.


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