Sports Principal Secretary Kirimi Kaberia with Kenya Volleyball team (Malkia) who jetted back into the country on Tuesday from Japan

The Government will make public payment roasters of all sports personalities who represent the country in all international events.

Sports Principal Secretary Kirimi Kaberia said all payments made to sportsmen and women representing Kenya will be made public to ensure transparency.

Speaking after hosting the Kenya Malkia strikers for lunch,the Ps said the new system being developed by the Ministry will ensure prudent accountability of public funds.

The National Volleyball team(Malkia) jetted back into the country on tuesday represented Kenya in the just concluded Volleyball World Cup in Japan.

in the recent pas,teams representing the country have staged protests and demos over delayed payments and allowances from the Government.

“When you represent the country,it is the public money that is spent and it should be accounted properly,” said Kaberia.

The PS said all sports personalities will be paid promptly as President Uhuru Kenyatta directed,this includes those currently representing the country in Doha World Athletic Championship.

Kaberia noted that the Government is in the process of finalizing a major infrastructural development plan that will see sporting facilities and stadiums across the country revamped.

This will ensure that sports men and women are nurtured from a tender age similar to what is done in major sporting countries across the world

Volleyball is one of priority sports that will oversee massive infrastructure development.

The Malkia strikers have over time struggled to make significant progress at the Worldcup which players blamed for lack of exposure and development of talents at a tender age.

The players who mostly participate in outdoor trainings in Kenya usually face challenges while playing in indoor arenas in developed countries

“I have seen what you have done out there and all the efforts that you have put,as the President said it is not only about medals but what you do to represent the Country,” Said Kaberia

A sports personality policy is also being developed to ensure the welfare of sports persons is taken care of.


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