Governor Mwangi wa Iria speaking to a local farmer

Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria has said he will sue Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) for small tea reward it is paying farmers this year.

Wa Iria has noticed that there is no rhyme or reason to why KTDA has picked to diminish tea reward at a pace of in excess of 30 percent.

He disclosed that by moving to Counties, the tea office will be constrained to repay farmers in any event for the costs they acquired in keep up the money crop.

While speaking in his office the Governor said cartels who have taken control in the tea part are to be faulted for poor installment to the ranchers.

KTDA, he said has permitted numerous go betweens in the part prompting disappointments to ranchers in this manner the office ought to be sued for underestimating ranchers’ endeavors.

“Tea is being sold all over the place and we have not seen scaled down costs for tea in the market. The inquiry is the place the profits from the money yield are!” he presented.

He said the administration should think of a strategy to give least ensured cost to money crops.

The representative said execution of most money crops in the nation is going down because of fumble and poor installments to the ranchers.

“On the off chance that there are ensured least installments for money crops, ranchers will be shielded from misuse via cartels,” he noted.

The representative showed that he will assemble farmers to dismiss established revisions that neglect to secure their interests.

“I experienced Punguza Mizigo Initiative draft, and acknowledged it had no proviso tending to farmers worries regardless of being the greater part in the nation,” said the representative.

Wa Iria included the farmers will have their gathering that will empower them draft their neighborly revision.

He included that in Murang’a 80 percent of the populace are small scale farmers who have demonstrated their resistance to the protected changes that don’t mirror their interests.

This year, KTDA has reported decrease of extra rates by around 40 percent from a year ago’s compensation.

The diminished tea reward is said to be occasioned by political insecurity in Pakistan and South Sudan, two primary purchasers of Kenyan tea.

Partners have been pushing KTDA to utilize different systems of promoting of Kenyan tea which they state is of best quality.


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