A church owned bus shipping grievers has been seized by cops in Voi sub-county after it was discovered shipping 230 moves of bhang.

The Sub-County Ward Commander, Bernastein Shali said police were cautioned of the unlawful freight in the transport having a place with PEFA North Coast Region and laid a trap at Ndala zone along the bustling Nairobi-Mombasa roadway.

Endless supply of its freight, the police found 230 moves of bhang with a road estimation of Sh.46, 000, reserved among sacks of omena.

“The solid smell of omena was obviously expected to murder the smell of bhang,” said the police chief.

The transport was occupied to Voi Police station where grievers landed as a test began to set up the proprietor of the medications. The grievers were coming back to Kilifi in the wake of going to an internment in Homabay County.

Three individuals including two drivers have been captured and will be charged in court once examinations are finished.

The congregation transport was even enriched with a few red strips, generally acknowledged as a pointer of sorrow. The utilization of a congregation transport and tying of the strips are suspected to have been utilized as a ploy to redirect consideration and make it simpler for the guilty parties to experience traffic checks along the roadway.

One of the drivers, Daniel Ngala, said the transport was procured on Saturday by relatives to ship the body for entombment in Homa Bay County. After the internment on Monday, the grievers began their adventure back to Kilifi with the booty ready.

Ngala claims they were similarly as stunned as every other person at the finding of the bhang in the transport.

Be that as it may, Voi police manager said places of worship with transports and different vehicles for contract ought to guarantee they are giving out their vehicles to reliable individuals, including that criminal components may utilize the vehicle for crimes to the drawback of their corporate picture.

“Places of worship should ensure they depend their autos to individuals of honesty who won’t abuse such things,” he stated, saying the transport would be held as a show to be utilized in court.

More than 50 grievers who had gone to the entombment processed around the compound in disarray, standing by to be cleared to proceed with their voyage. One of the grievers, who declined to be named, said the disclosure of the bhang would be a hit to the picture of the congregation and group of the perished.

“The vehicle was given in accordance with some basic honesty but then somebody wickedness exploited and chose to carry medications utilizing a congregation transport,” he said.


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