The fence will protect local farmers from destruction’s caused by wildlife

The electric barrier that will, when finished, encompass the entire Mount Kenya environment, will before long accomplish an achievement when it arrives at the 200 kilometer mark.

A total of195km had been worked with fence development occurring in the lower portions of the Upper Imenti Forest Reserve. At the point when finished, the fence will extend for 450km – the longest fence of its sort on the planet.

Stage II of the Mount Kenya venture, which incorporates Thunguru Hill Forest, and was stretched out to 74km, is almost finished. Progress was held up for a period with the outline and clearing of the fence line by the Kenya Forest Service (KFS).

Undoubtedly, due to various exclusive tea handle that cut over the woods limit, a portion of the work is as yet pending. In any case, all entryways on Phase II will be finished before the year’s over.

“It is an outline that our fencing task isn’t without its difficulties”, says Christian Lambrechts, Executive Director of the Rhino Ark.

“We are likewise restoring the harm of numerous long periods of corruption of Mount Kenya’s woods. As an UNESCO World Heritage venture, Mount Kenya is a global shop window for Kenya’s ecological approaches and in this manner needs exceptional consideration.” he added

To outline the point, Rhino Ark, together with the Mount Kenya Conservation Forum, and accomplices, for example, the Kenya Forest Service (KFS), the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and neighborhood networks have extended the restoration program by planting 10,000 indigenous tree seedlings in June and another 12,000 seedlings in October in Nanyuki Forest Station to restore debased timberland territories on Mt. Kenya.

Working with Rhino Ark, the Forest Managers of Nanyuki Forest Station and Gathiuru Forest Station, alongside the Chief Executive of the Mount Kenya Conservation Forum, are supporting the foundation of a network based indigenous tree nursery at the Nanyuki Forest Station, “which ought to lessen the expense of a buying the seedlings”, remarks Christian Lambrechts.


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