Nairobi Regional Commissioner (RC), Wilson  Njega

Community workers in Nairobi County have been asked maintain honesty in administration conveyance at their work environments so as to recover citizens’ trust and certainty.

The Nairobi Regional Commissioner (RC), Wilson Njega advised departmental heads in the district to review the administrations they offer the general population against administration sanctions and check whether their yield offers some benefit for cash by citizens.

Njega deplored about the worn out picture government employees showed in various grievances raised by people in general through the ‘Mulika stage’ fingering government offices and organizations over pay off and cautioned local officials to serve the general population without requesting rewards saying they are paid a compensation.

The RC who was tending to the Nairobi Regional/County Service Delivery Committee meeting in his Boardroom at Nyayo House said officials must be individuals of trustworthiness bound by the Ethics Act in releasing their obligations.

“Every single departmental head are required to offer input to objections they get from people in general by illuminating how the grumbling has been tended to. It is significant for the general population to be fulfilled on issues they raise by getting input,” said the RC.

He guided all offices and offices to have an announcing component where they keep up a register of grievances was gotten, move made and the input given and included that a streamlined assistance conveyance will have insignificant protests from the general population.

The director said the administration would not approve officials who spoil the picture of people in general assistance and advised all administrators to be acquainted with the character of their officials to assist weed with excursion debasement acts of neglect in the administration.

“In the event that a director doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the character of the staff he/she oversees, or what’s going on in the workplace, at that point this official doesn’t justify heading such an office,” he focused.

He additionally called upon Center Managers for Huduma focuses to consistently stay up to date with the way the huduma counters are rendering administrations.

Njega, in the mean time encouraged individuals from the open who applied for birth and demise declarations, character cards, and international IDs to gather them.

He simultaneously, solicited owners from stimulation joints that play boisterous music in broad daylight spots to watch the law by making them sound evidence and cautioned it is an offense to encroach on other people groups’ privileges by playing uproarious music around evening time.

“There is opportunity of love in the nation, however we won’t permit medium-term ‘keshas’ to meddle with other individuals’ opportunity,” he included.


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