Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) did not examine the claimed Deputy President William Ruto assassination letter,a witness has told a Kenyan court.

That is in spite of the way that the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) told parliament that examinations concerning the supposed assassination letter would be finished by FBI to accomplish fair-mindedness.

Noah Keino, likewise told the court that Dennis Itumbi didn’t present the letter on the TangaTanga WhatsApp gathering, he just sent a duplicate.

Keino, a clerk at Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute(KIRDI) and administrator of the said WhatsApp group made the claim after he appeared before a Nairobi court.

” Two officials came to examine me in office, they were from DCI. There was no FBI,” Keino said in light of an inquiry by Itumbi’s legal advisor Katwa Kigen.

Keino likewise told court examiners were just keen on nailing Itumbi and not exploring the issue.

“For example I saw the letter in two other WhatsApp bunches at the time and 3 Facebook groups,but they didn’t get some information about that, they were just intrigued with TangaTanga,” said the observer.


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