A resident in Ugenya who raised a caution to alarm locals of a continuous theft paid the prize with her dear life when the escaping criminals shot her.

The Wednesday night episode, which happened at Nyambweke exchanging focus saw the 41 year old succumb from the firearm shot, as the hoodlums got away and fled to obscure goal.

Ugenya sub county police commander,Willy Simba said the shooting happened at around 8pm.

Simba said that four criminals who were outfitted with a G3 rifle attacked a shop having a place with one Kevin Otieno and denied him of Sh58, 000 at gunpoint.

The sub district police officer said that the lady, who had seen the theft, was yelling to alarm the townspeople however the hoodlums shot her in the chest to quietness her.

He said that the body of the perished was taken to Ukwala sub province emergency clinic funeral home.

The occurrence happened scarcely a day after a cop joined to the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit in Siaya town lost his firearm to suspected criminals who were riding on a cruiser.

He endured genuine wounds when the hooligans, a man and a lady, who were riding the other way hit him on the head in an unexpected assault, sending him reeling on the roadside oblivious.

The police officer, who was separated from everyone else in a faintly lit road that hosts Siaya Senator James Orengo’s Siaya office and the Kenya Red Cross Society branch workplaces, was spared by a bystander who alarmed his seniors.


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