Tools of trade

Five ladies showed up before Kapenguria Senior Resident Magistrate (SRM) court on Tuesday blamed for helping and abetting female genital mutilation to 3 young ladies.

Lodou Lidakong, Chepleke Longolekong and Chemondet Chukatum were charged that on the tenth October 2019 at Konyerus sub area inside West Pokot County, together with others not under the steady gaze of the court, they acquired a lady to be known as ‘Kochepchumba’ who performed FGM to two young ladies matured 17 and 16 years.

Additionally in a similar court, Apengole Domo, Gladys Nasimiyu and Chemondet Chukatum were charged that around the same time they secure a similar lady to perform FGM to a multi year old young lady.

The offense of helping and abetting FGM is in opposition to segment 20 (b) as read with segment 29 of disallowance of FGM Act No 32 of 2011.

Before the SRM, Margaret Nafula all the denounced argued not blameworthy and each discharged on an obligation of Sh.200, 000 with comparable surety or a money bail of Sh.100, 000.

Nafula further guided for the subjects to be taken to medical clinic for treatment and from that point be reserved at the Kapenguria youngster care unit.

The SRM fixed the case for hearing on November 22, 2019

“I am coordinating that the three young ladies be taken to the medical clinic for treatment as mentioned by the indictment, at that point to Kapenguria kid care unit and be delivered on the consultation date as witnesses,” said Nafula.


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