Nominated Senator Dr Alice Milgo donated football kits to youth teams at Bomet Green Stadium

Leaders from different political parties over the weekend threatened to shoot down the Building Bridge Initiative (BBI) if it does not address development and welfare of Kenyans.

Over 30 elected leaders who spoke during an Inua mama-Jenga Taifa event at Narok stadium said the report stand to be rejected if it proposes creation of executive posts for individual interests.

Led by Emur Dikir Mp Johanna Ng’eno the leaders said they will only support BBI if it aims at curbing the rising cost of living and unemployment.

Mr Ng’eno urged politicians to read the report with lot sobriety since the team that compiled it consists of politicians with vested interests.

“If it has a clause that says anybody who has contested for post of President or Prime Minister should not contest any other seat proposed in the BBI,then we shall support it”said Ng’eno.

Ms Gladys Shollei Mp(Uasin Gishu) said the BBI was an illegal process noting that only a parliamentary or a popular initiative can initiate a constitution change.

“All powers are in trust and we are accountable as leaders, the power comes from people and it belongs to the people,” said Gladys Shollei Mp (Uasin Gishu).

Ms Shollei said the current report has been prepared by people who met in hotels adding that majority of Kenyans were not consulted.

“You cannot collect views from 7,000 Kenyans in a country of 48million and claim to have met the threshold of opinions to formulate a document that will affect all of them.” said Shollei.

“If it proposes creation of news seats that are not in the constitution, we will reject it “said Lilian Tomitom Mp (West Pokot).

Ms Beatrice Kones Mp (Bomet East) said if the recommendations are to create executive posts for people who have been in power or so called dynasties to remain in power then they will reject it.

“We want it to address issues of food, employment and other things that will impact on lives of all Kenyans,”Dr Alice Milgo Mp (nominated Senator).

The sentiments were also echoed by Gabriel Tongonyo Mp (Narok West) and Nominated Mp David Sankok

Sankok said he will only support an initiative that enhance peaceful coexistence among all Kenyan.

Mr Tongonyo noted that Kenyans were overburdened and anything that will increase the burden will be rejected.

Nominated Senator Halima Muceke said “If it is for the interests of Kenyans, we will fully support it, contrary to that we shall oppose it,”said

Ms Jane Kihara (Mp Nivasha) said they will read it first as President Uhuru Kenyatgta directed and decide on its content afterwards.


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