Families living in floods inclined zones in Homa Bay County have been advised to move to higher grounds to maintain a strategic distance from streak floods and potential passings following the overwhelming downpours being seen in the locale.

The Homa Bay County Commissioner (CC), Harman Shambi has repeated that a few pieces of the district may encounter floods in the coming days because of the progressing overwhelming deluges.

Shambi included that families living around stream Miriu in Rachuonyo North Sub County and River Kuja in Ndhiwa Sub County should take early careful steps and move to higher grounds to keep away from risk related with the floods.

Speaking in his office, Shambi expressed that the meteorological division had given an alarm before that low territories in Homa Bay County will observer floods henceforth inhabitants in such places should move to their relative’s homes in higher grounds to maintain a strategic distance from floods.

The County manager further said that they have begun getting instances of demolition by flooding water in flood inclined regions in Rachuonyo North, Suba and Ndhiwa Sub County.

Simultaneously, Shambi uncovered that around three houses were crushed by floods at Kogola town, Kanam B Location following substantial downpours which were seen in the district throughout the end of the week.

The manager additionally referenced pieces of Ndhiwa, Lambwe in Suba South body electorate as a portion of the regions inclined to flooding during the substantial downpours, he engaged deferent associations to sharpen networks to be cognizant to keep away from threat advanced by floods.


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