The Laikipia East MP, Amin Deddy speaking to the inhabitants at KANU grounds in Nanyuki town on January 14, 2020.

There were celebrations in Nanyuki town Laikipia County following the sacking of Agriculture Cabinet Secretary, Mwangi Kiunjuri by President Uhuru Kenyatta bureau reshuffle.

The resident led by Laikipia East MP, Amin Deddy and previous Deputy Governor, Gitonga Kabugi termed the axing out of the CS, as overdue blaming him for inadequacy in dealing with the docket and disrespect to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The occupants who walked on the town’s boulevards waving standards bearing President’s Uhuru representation with composed engravings saying “Thank you Mr. President, Laikipia we are with you” provoked Kiunjuri to connect completely in governmental issues since he had been soothed of his bureau obligations.

“We need to guarantee the leader of our enduring help as occupants of Laikipia East and we are completely behind his activities to dispose of nominees who neglect to convey in the command presented to them,” Deddy said in the midst of cheers from the town inhabitants.

The MP included that it was deplorable that when Kiunjuri was designated to the Cabinet, Kenyans expected proficient assistance conveyance from him however unfortunately he has constantly occupied with legislative issues ignoring his obligations.

“All we get notification from Kiunjuri is his Kikuyu illustrations and questions as he goes to open capacities and we have been pondering, knows his work as a CS?” Deddy said.

Deddy further added that Kiunjuri had nothing to appear for in the body electorate in spite of filling in as territory MP for three successive terms.

“Framework in this voting demographic is terrible yet he filled in as MP for a long time, this discloses to you why he was so bumbling as a CS,” Deddy said.

Kabugi said that Kiujuri had been an liability to the inhabitants of Laikipia East because of his inclination for continually captivating in the 2022 progression governmental issues.

“He (Kiunjuri) was more worried in 2022 legislative issues than he was focused on running his docket along these lines conflicting with President Uhuru’s order that pioneers should cease from governmental issues and rather center around conveying on their command particularly the enormous four plan,” Kabugi said.


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