The national government will spend Sh.232million towards the development of a three story building for the school of humanities at Pwani University.

EPCO Construction Company which has been granted the tender to undertake the construction said the venture which began a year ago will be finished by July, 2020, two months sooner than the timetable given in the agreement.

The contractor Paul Njenga said they have been granted the first certificate of authentication and Sh.72 million paid to the organization and trusted that the remaining balance of Sh.160 million will be paid upon the fulfillment of the task.

Kilifi County Development Implementation Coordination Committee (CDICC) individuals who visited the task communicated fulfillment at the work in progress and complimented the organization for its affirmation that the work will be finished before time.

The structure will incorporate 150 workplaces for instructors alongside six auditoriums as per the University’s vice chancellor Professor Mohammed Rajab.

He revealed that there are numerous different ventures in progress among them a 2000 bed present day clinic and a funeral home to be subsidized by the World Bank after fruition of arrangements with the legislature.


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